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What if... your experience with the web was tailored to you...Specially measured and fitted to your unique needs.Bintina brings you accessibility, relatability and treasures your individuality.Find your solution Today!

Bintina Bytes is a client oriented technical advisor.

Let us know what you need.

How would you like to have a personalized web development experience?

Bintina is ready to meet your needs and is conversant in diverse jargon and fields of work. We stand for inclusivity and will walk you through all your available options at your own pace.

Launch Package

Step out into the global stage with our complete starter pack. Set up your brand appropriate, interactive and engaging welcome mat.

The Launch package includes five pages, five email addresses and three site reviews.


Refresh your image by rebranding. Change your message, colors, information and display style. Whether you are trying to step into the mobile-first frontier, match your company’s new direction or simply switch up the style, we’ve got you.

Simply Email

Would you like a professional email? Do you have a target market that doesn’t browse the web, but communicates with you via email?

Would you like a separate inbox, or to be able to manage all mail through your existing email account? This is the package for you.

Some Bintina Sites

T21 FSO, Trisomy 21 awareness and support, Kenya

Dale Kotengo, Prolific contemporary African art showcase

Raya Wambui, a virtual library of poems by the Kenyan poet.