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Web Design

Bintina Bytes web design princiles are fourscore:

Mobile First.

60% of mobile traffic comes from mobile devices. In Africa, the percentage is slightly higher at 69%. For this reason, Bintinas website designs prioritise an easy viewing process, both on small and large screens. Welcoming your visitors in whichever way they come.

Engaging content.

Bintina strives to create and maintain engaging content. Employing visuals, both images and videos that entertain and inform your visitors, making memorable viewing experiences and solidifying your brand identity.

Brand appropriate.

We recognise that every entity has a unique personality and this should be apparent when people visit your website. Bintina designs are as diverse as our clients are, from the minute CSS detailing to the larger layout considerations.


Our website solutions are built to fit your current needs. If all you need is a static front page that directs clients to your email and Whats App, to stand behind your branded emailing solution, we can do that. If down the line you are ready to turn your website into a blog, gallery, bookings site or fully blown store front that processes payments, we are ready for you.

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